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A few tips for creating a Wolfe Hockey Account

With all that going on it takes up a lot of our office hours trying to make sure all of the billing is done correctly and everyone is on the schedule who needs to be, both instructors and students. Technology can be a little scary for some people and everyone is looking for what is easy and convenient. I try to make the process of signing up for lessons as easy as possible. You can log on through your computer to our website, www.wolfehockey.com, or you can download our app, search Wolfe Hockey in your app store.

-make sure you are adding all of the required information, including credit card info. If you do not, it will not let you create the account and sign up for lessons.

-EVERY STUDENT NEEDS HIS/HER OWN ACCOUNT. This includes siblings. There are so many reasons for this. Most importantly so our instructors are prepared for who will attending the lesson. Secondly, for billing reasons. I want to make sure we are charging our clients appropriately.

—*Special note! Do not create an account through the Mindbody app and add credit card info. It does not transfer to my system for security reasons. If you do I will be calling you for your info*—

Make sure to take a look at our schedule for spring clinics, summer camps, and our 3v3 series.

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