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How to Handle Multiple MB Accounts

Can multiple clients use the same email address as a login/username for Consumer Mode in my site?

Before you start

  • It is possible for clients to use the same email address, as long as a different password is used, but we advise against this practice.
  • It is recommended each client use a unique email address and password in your system. This provides better account security, prevents duplicate accounts within your MINDBODY software, and is necessary for the client to use the MINDBODY® app.
  • The MINDBODY app, in particular, relies on syncing two pieces of information across accounts: the email address used and the name entered. If two or more clients share an email address, the client’s MINDBODY app may not sync properly with your business, and the client will be unable to access all of their stored passes.

If you have multiple clients sharing an email address as a login/username and one of them needs to resets their password, they may:

  1. Click Forgot Password? in the upper right corner of consumer mode.
  2. Enter the email address used for the accounts.
  3. Enter the first and last name of one of the clients using the account.
  4. Open the email, and reset the password using the link provided.

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