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Virtual Goalie Training

Because of the current pandemic effecting our area everyone’s lives have been slightly turned upside down. Everyone is trying to find things to do to stay physically and mentally active. We want to support our players in this extremely difficult time. Wolfe Hockey is again offering virtual goalie training. Join us one day a week via a Zoom. We will work on all aspects of the game from conditioning to situational play. Our goal is to create a support system for these young athletes in these uncertain times.

Once you have registered you will be sent an email with the link to the meeting. You will also be given a list of items you will need for the session. We will be getting creative and using household items that everyone has in his/her home.

Cost will be $50 per one hour session and run through the end of December. If we need to add more times during the week we will let you know.

Forward/Defense Virtual times will be added ASAP!!

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