Book 3 vs 3

First Session, December 1st!

We have space for players of all ages and skill levels.

3v3 FAQs

Is there a cancellation policy for 3v3?

Yes, there is a 24-hour cancellation policy.  If you need to cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged the full $50.  

How do we know where to go when we arrive? 

All 3v3 will occur on Whitey’s Pond at The Gardens Ice House.  Locker rooms will be assigned when you arrive at The Gardens.  Please check the boards in the lobby or ask the front desk.

What happens if the weather is bad? 

In the case of inclement weather, we will text and email you updated information.  Please ensure you have checked the box to receive information from us and that it is not going to your spam folder.

Do we need to check in with anyone when we arrive?

Yes!  There will be two (2) coaches running 3v3.  Make sure to check in with one of them before getting on the ice.

Why won’t the app will not let me sign up for 3 v 3? 

If you are on the Wolfe Hockey app and cannot see a registration option for 3v3, enrollment is full.  

How do I get on the waitlist for 3v3?

Log in to your player’s MB account through a web browser (computer, not a phone).  You will be able to add your player to the waitlist from there.  Please understand that by putting yourself on the waitlist, you are committing to a spot if you are added.  If you can no longer make that time slot, you must cancel your registration to open it to another player.

How do I know if I made it off the 3v3 waitlist?

If another player cancels, the first person on the waitlist will automatically be added to the roster.  The system will send you an email or text letting you know.  Please check your emails often.  If you are added to the roster and do not show up, you will still be charged.

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