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As the new “normal” starts to emerge there will be plenty of changes around the rinks. I am sure that this page will be edited many times with all of the changes happening on a day to day basis, so please be patient with us as we update as quickly as we can.

New procedures for Rockville Ice Den:

1.) Players will only be allowed to enter through the emergency exit door in rink 3. Look for the GREEN entrance magnet on the door.

2.) An external changing station will be set up in the parking lot.

3.) Temperatures must be taken before entry into the rink. Masks must be worn at all times.

4.) Sorry, no parents allowed in the building in order to keep numbers down.

5.) There will be no access to locker rooms or water fountains, so please bring own water bottle.

6.) Waiver must be signed by parent/guardian before lesson. Only need to sign it once.

New Procedures for Laurel Ice Den:

1.) Players are not allowed in the locker rooms.  Come dressed as much as possible.  The outside patio area will be provided to players to further dress before entering the building through the door with the GREEN entrance sign.  Parents are NOT allowed in the patio area at any time.   We must keep our numbers low.

2.) Masks must be worn at all times.  This includes in the patio/dressing area and in the rink.

3.) Temperatures will be taken upon entering the building and recorded in the daily log.

4.) Players will need to exit through a different door marked EXIT and walk around to the patio/dressing area.

5.) If a player needs to use the restroom they will need to exit the Ice Den, undress, and walk around to the front of The Gardens Ice House where their temperature will be taken again and name will be recorded.  

6.) Parents are not allowed in the building at any time.  This also includes standing in the doorways.  Numbers must remain low.

I will update this page as often as needed. Please check back.