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The Ice Den is available to rent for Corporate events, birthday parties, private events, etc.
Because not everyone can skate, Wolfe Hockey offers a few fun alternatives at the ice rink! A few examples:

  • Broomball- It is hockey without skates! Any age and skill can play (must wear helmets). Instead of a puck, we use a ball. Broomball is the right combination of fun, teamwork, and competition! CLICK HERE to watch Broomball in action!
  • Human Hungry Hungry Hippos- The classic childhood game brought to real scale. Up to 6 teams of 6 people per team, hurl a person on a tube into the middle where that person tries to collect as many balls as possible. The team with the most balls after 2 minutes wins!
    CLICK HERE to Hungry Hungry Hippos in action!

This is the perfect way to work on team bonding or blow off some steam after work!

Please contact Heather Wolfe about scheduling your birthday party or Corporate event!


978-697-9617 cell

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