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No two hockey players are the same, and here at Wolfe Hockey we offer a wide range of lessons for players of all levels to accommodate that fact. Wolfe Hockey instructors evaluate each individual player in order to determine strengths, weaknesses and skill level. From these evaluations, each session is constructed to focus in on the individual player’s needs and goals to insure the quickest rate of improvement. Because no two players are exactly alike, no two Wolfe Hockey lessons will be exactly alike. Our instructors are always re-evaluating their students to make sure that they are meeting the individual goals set by each student.
This method of custom designing our lessons has been time tested and proven to help hockey players excel their game faster than any other method of training available.

All of our lessons are done on REAL ice.  Our Laurel Ice Den is a one of a kind 35’x75′ real ice training facility.  The Rockville Ice Den is a small 20’x25′ sheet of real ice located in the back of rink 3 in the Rockville Ice Rink.  This rink is seasonal and comes down June to September.

*Price Changes as of March 1 2020*

*1 on 1 lessons are not guaranteed.  You may purchase a guaranteed 1 on 1 for $250/hour.  Please contact Wolfe Hockey for more information*

Wolfe Hockey Development Pricing Options

Goaltending Coaches:
Private (1 on 1):
Semi-Private (2 on 1):
Jason Wolfe $140 $140    
Chris Ceransky $115 $105    
Shawn Grant $115 $105    
Guest Coaches $105 $95    
All Other Coaches $95 $85    
Forward & Defense Coaches:
Private (1 on 1):
Semi-Private (2 on 1):
3 on 1:
4 on 1:
Chris Ceransky $115 $105 $95 $95
Shawn Grant $115 $105 $95 $95
Peter Leboutillier $105 $95 $85 $85
Guest Coaches  $105 $95 $85 $85
All Other Coaches $95 $85 $75 $75
Off Peak lessons (check schedule for availability) $50
Career Consulting with Jason Wolfe $140/hour
Video Analysis $115/hour
Off Ice training $60/hour

You can purchase credits for your account. For $900 you get $1,000 worth of credit applied to your account.

Email the code 
WOLFEINTROLESSON to hockey@wolfehockey.com for 50% off your first lesson!
Introductory Package: you pay $300 and get $350 worth of credit applied to your account. THIS IS A ONE TIME ONLY PACKAGE

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Laurel Ice Den Lesson Schedule

Rockville Ice Den Lesson Schedule

All of our scheduling is done on line.  If you have any questions on how to use the online system please feel free to contact us anytime at hockey@wolfehockey.com or call 443-867-2421