New to Wolfe Hockey?

How do lessons work?

All lessons are tailored to the individual player, so no two lessons are the same.  Our coaches will do an assessment at the beginning of each lesson.  From that assessment they can tailor the hour to fit the players needs.  We check the schedule everyday to make sure that the players are not completely mismatched.  We would never want to put a brand new 8 year old out there with a college player.  That isn’t good for anyone. We ask that parents be flexible when we need to move players or coaches around.  It is always for the benefit of the player.

How to pay

You should have added a credit card to your players account when creating it.  If you created the account through the Mindbody app you will still need to login through a web browser to add the card.  For security reasons the card info does not transfer over.  The lessons will be charged to that card after the lesson has already taken place.  If you have credit on your account the cost of the lesson will be deducted from that credit.  All clients will receive 50% off their first lesson.

Where are lessons held?

We offer lessons at two (2) facilities in the DC metro area.  Our Laurel Ice Den offers both forward/defense lessons and goalie lessons year round, 7 days a week.  The Rockville Ice Den only offers goalie lessons and is seasonal, coming down in the summer months of June-August.

How to make an account

Download our Wolfe Hockey app and follow along with this video. Or click here to create an account in a web browser. *Make sure you are making the account in the player’s name.*

Which instructor should I pick?

That all depends on what you are looking for and what level player you have, and honestly your budget.  All of our instructors can teach any level athlete, but let’s face it some instructors really connect with the younger kids while other instructors mesh better with the higher level older players.  I always suggest trying out different instructors to see which one is a good fit for your athlete.  While all of them teach the same skills, everyone has a different style of teaching or coaching.  Head over to our instructors’ bios to get a little more information about them including the price of their lessons per hour.  If you still aren’t sure which coach you should sign up with, feel free to give us a call.  We can help match you up with an instructor we think would work best.


Our lessons range from $95-140 depending on your coach, prices can be found in each coach’s bio. All lessons are one hour and designed for your player’s needs.   3 vs 3 and Skills sessions are $50 per player.  View our full pricing list.

What to bring

Every player will need their own full set of gear, and we always recommend water or a sports drink to stay hydrated. For a full list of gear check out this page. If you are taking a lesson as a trial, please contact us to see about borrowing gear.

Intro Offer and Credit Packages

New players have the option to purchase $350 of ice time for $300. This offer is available one time only. All players also have the option to purchase $1,000 of ice time for $900. Offers are good for any Wolfe Hockey services.

Cancellations and Refunds

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you did not cancel your lesson outside of that 24 hours you will be charged full price. Emergencies and illnesses are the exception, but you need to contact us ASAP to let us know. We do not offer refunds, but we are happy to apply credit to your account for future use. Credit packages are good for one year from the date of purchase, and can be shared between family members.

Have more questions? Check out our frequently asked questions.

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