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Wolfe Hockey is proud to announce new Summer Training Packages for 2017!


This years packages are a la carte, deigned to fit your summer training needs and budget. Available for Goalies and Skaters, the packages provide discounted lessons and can be used with any instructor! For example, you can combine the Premier Lesson Package with the Developmental Off-ice package to form your own personalized package!
Off-Ice: Work with a Wolfe Hockey trainer to create an individualized plan to help you get the most out of your training and improve your play on the ice.
Nutrition: Our Nutrition specialist will teach you effective ways to improve your health, optimize your performance and manage your weight. She will also help you with pre and post game meals, teaching you to eat healthy on the road.
Consulting: Sit down with Jason Wolfe to help map out your hockey career path, from playing High School hockey through College Hockey.
Developmental Lesson Package: 2 On-ice Lessons per week
Developmental Off-Ice Package: 1 Off-Ice Workouts per week
Premier Lesson Package: 3 on-Ice Lessons per week
Premier Off-Ice Package: 2 Off-Ice Workouts per week
Premier Consulting Package: 2 Career Consulting Appointments
Premier Nutrition Package: 
Elite Lesson Package: 5 On-Ice Lessons per week
Elite Off-Ice Package: 3 Off-Ice Workouts per week
Elite Consulting Package: 4 Career Consulting Appointments
Elite Nutrition Package: 
If you have any questions please email hockey@wolfehockey.com