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Elite showcase 2023

Elite Showcases

We will be hosting three (3) showcases this summer, all at The Gardens Ice House in Laurel MD.  Goalies can sign up for one of or all three of our two-day sessions in June, July, and August.  Schedule and signups are below.

Wolfe Hockey brings in coaches from all over the country and from varying levels of hockey, including AAA up through NCAA DI. 

These are Elite Level Showcases, goalies with 2003-2008 birth years and AA and higher experience are welcome to sign up.  We will provide high-level shooters for all the showcases.

What is a goalie showcase?

A goalie showcase is a weekend jam-packed with activities geared towards showcasing your goalie skills on the ice. Each day there will be three (3) hours of on-ice instruction; one (1) hour of dry land training including but not limited to yoga, plyos, and conditioning; one (1) hour of classroom time to cover anything from mental preparedness, hockey IQ, tracking, Sense Arena, and concentration grids.  

How good do I need to be?

Depends on how old you are. If you’re born anywhere between 2002 and 2007, it’s AA and higher level players. For kids 14 and under, the minimum level requirement is single A with one (1) year travel experience.

Why should I join?

The showcase is a great opportunity to show off your game by playing with other high level goalies and the best coaches that are giving you tons of feedback as you go. The small group breakout sessions and the all campers group skate are some of our goalies’ favorite parts of the weekend. Oh, and the ice bath of course! If you’re looking to take your game to the next level and have a ton of fun with other players, you shouldn’t even be questioning it!

This also includes Jason Wolfe coaching, correct?

Yes! He is the main coach listed on the website.

How many goalies will be attending?

We cap the showcase at 32 goalies. We sell out 99% of the time. 

Can parents watch the sessions? 

Yes!  But there is a mezzanine level in the main building with couches and TVs.  The building also has free wifi.  And for the ambitious can’t sit still parents, hiking trails are located behind the building and a gym with day passes is available on the second floor of the building. Fairland Aquatic center is across the parking lot.  I would suggest looking up their website for pool times and tennis court availability.   

Will there be a more specific detailed schedule handed out to players at registration?  

Yes!  The goalies are divided into groups by age and skill level. They are given their group at registration along with a full schedule for the weekend. 

Developmental Group

-14 and under single A travel experience minimum

-preparing the younger group to be in Showcase with older goalies

-focus on developing skills, learn how to be an elite athlete, ask questions to the top coaches in the country

This will be held the same weekends as the Elite Showcase, with a different schedule for younger goalies but the same coaches

  • Younger goalies will be scheduled together and will receive their schedule a few days before the clinic starts.  Be prepared to be at the rink all day both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Younger group will receive a separate Q&A session with coaches.  Parents are welcome and we encourage you to come prepared with questions.
  • Hotel and housing information is available for out of town participants. (this is for all age groups)
  • Price for showcase is $415 for both days
Youth Goalie Camps

Should my goalie come ready for on-ice or dry land activity?

Goalies should always arrive at camp in their street clothes.  Locker room assignments and a more detailed schedule will be given out upon arrival.

How do I register a shooter for camp?  

If the shooter has his/her own account, you can use this link to register and pay.  They cannot come out and shoot without an account.

Is lunch provided? WHD does not provide lunch.  There is a cafe at the rink, but we do not always know if it will be open.  We suggest bringing healthy snacks and lunch options.

Will there be someone there to help my young goalie get dressed? 

Absolutely! That is what we are there for.  There will be an instructor in the locker room with the goalies at all times to assist in dressing and undressing of goalie gear.

What time does the transportation depart and arrive at Rockville?  

If you require transportation from Rockville to Laurel and vice versa, transportation will depart the Rockville Ice Rink parking lot at 8 am.  Your goalie will return at the end of camp around 5 pm.

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