1.) Why do I need an account?

Every player needs to create an account so our instructors have the proper information, our office staff has proper billing information and all waivers are signed.

2.) How do I create an account?

Click here to create an account online, or click here to watch how to create an account on our Wolfe Hockey app.

3.) How do I pay?

You should have added a credit card to your players account when creating it.  If you created the account through the Mindbody app you will still need to login through a web browser to add the card.  For security reasons the card info does not transfer over.  The lessons will be charged to that card after the lesson has already taken place.  If you have credit on your account the cost of the lesson will be deducted from that credit.  All clients will receive 50% off their first lesson.

4.) How do I know how much a lesson costs?

Our lessons are priced by the coach’s level of experience.  All of the pricing information can be found on our website and in each instructor’s bio.

5.) I was not charged for my lesson/3v3?

We are a small family owned business, literally just the two of us working out of a bedroom in our basement.  Your credit card is run after the session has taken place.  We try to get to it every week, but some weeks are busier than others.

6.) Can I pay with cash or pay immediately by credit card or another payment method?

No and Yes.  We ask that you do not give cash to the instructors at the time of the lesson.  We do not see our instructors on a daily basis and we would never want there to be some kind of mix up with your payment.  We do accept PayPal (hwolfe@wolfehockey.com) and Venmo (@WolfeHockey) for payments if that is easier for you.  Please put the date and name of the person taking the lesson if paying that way.

7.) Why can’t I use the app to create an account?

You can create an account in the Wolfe Hockey APP. Please watch this video for directions on how to do so.

8.) I did not get registration confirmation.

If you did not receive a confirmation email after registering for any activity please check the settings in your account.  If you do not have the boxes checked to receive emails and/or texts, you will not receive any confirmation or reminder emails or texts.  Please also check your spam filters.

9.) We did not take a lesson today, what is this charge for?

The system does not automatically charge your credit card immediately after your lesson.  We manually close out all lessons and run credit cards.  We close out lessons once per week, so your sale date is not going to be the same as the lesson date.

10.) Why is the Ice Bad at the Ice Den

Sorry you feel that way.  If the ice happens to not be great during your lesson it could be that we had a really busy day of lessons, it could be that the Zamboni isn’t working, it could be that the outdoor temperature is very high and someone left the door open, it could be a number of things.  Again we are a small business and we try our best to maintain the ice surface.  We are always looking for parent volunteers to help out around the rink, there is a never ending to do list and we will happily trade work for lesson credit.

11.) Do you offer different training packages?

Yes, we do!  Our training packages are only good for one “session” or the current Spring, Summer, or Fall/Winter Lesson 10 week block.  These packages include everything Wolfe has to offer from lessons, to off ice training, to career consulting, to nutrition consulting.  Purchasing one of these packages will get you all we have to offer at a discounted rate for purchasing up front.  Contact us directly for more information.

12.) What is the difference between custom packages and credit packages?

Custom packages are tailored directly to the players needs and can include any mix of lessons, off ice training, nutritional consulting, and/or career consulting.  These services are offered at a discount rate for purchasing in bulk ahead of time.  This type of package is only good for a certain set of dates or session (ex: summer session, June-Aug).  

There are two different credit packages you can purchase, $350 for $300 (one time only purchase) or $1000 for $900.  The credit package is applied to your players account and can be used for anything WHD has to offer.  It is also good for one year from the date of purchase.

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13.) Do you have a refund policy?

We do not offer refunds for cancellations.  Depending on the situation, i.e. illness, injury, or other emergency we may be able to add partial credit to your account to use for future lessons.  That credit is good for one (1) year from the date of purchase

14.) Do you rent out the Ice Den?

We do!  We rent out the Laurel Ice Den for birthday parties, corporate events, team building activities, and such.  We DO NOT however rent to outside coaches.  For more information please contact us directly at hockey@wolfehockey.com or 443-867-2421.

15.) Do you allow outside instructors?

We DO NOT allow outside instructors to rent out the Ice Den.  We also do not allow parents to rent out the Ice Den for an outside instructor to come in and instruct their child.  Wolfe Hockey offers a host of instructors for every skill level.

16.) What time are your public skating sessions?

The Laurel Ice Den is a privately owned ice rink.  We offer lessons, camps, and clinics.  We do not offer public ice skating sessions, Learn to Skate, or Let’s Play Hockey classes.  Our rink is not open to the public and does not keep set “operating hours”.  If there is NOT a lesson, camp, or clinic taking place the rink will be locked and not accessible for use.  We do rent the ice for private use.  For more information please check out our website or contact us directly at hockey@wolfehockey.com or 443-867-2421.


1.) Explain to me how lessons work?

All lessons are tailored to the individual player, so no two lessons are the same.  Our coaches will do an assessment at the beginning of each lesson.  From that assessment they can tailor the hour to fit the players needs.  We check the schedule everyday to make sure that the players are not completely mismatched.  We would never want to put a brand new 8 year old out there with a college player.  That isn’t good for anyone. We ask that parents be flexible when we need to move players or coaches around.  It is always for the benefit of the player.

2.) Do I need a full set of gear for my lesson?

Yes you will need a full set of gear.  For a complete list please check out this page.

3.) Do you have gear we can borrow?

Possibly.  We do keep gear on hand that other players have donated.  We can always check if we have something that will fit you.  Male players will need to bring their own cup.

4.) I missed my lesson, will I be charged?

Yes.  We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you did not cancel your lesson outside of that 24 hours you will be charged full price. Emergencies and illnesses are the exception, but you need to contact us ASAP to let us know.

5.) Can you tell me more about your camps?

Our summer goalie camps are held the Laurel Ice Den.  We keep a strict 4:1 goalie to coach ratio.  Each day the goalies get (3) three hours of ice time, (1) one hour of dry land training, classroom or chalk talk time.  We also include things like yoga and stretching, mental training, Q & A sessions, and gear review.  These camps are for goalies 18 years and younger, beginner to intermediate level.  They will be grouped by age and skill level once they arrive.  For more information and to register please check our camp page.

6.) This is our first lesson, where do we go?

Yay!  Excited you are joining us for the first time.  If you signed up for a goalie lesson at Rockville you will want to enter through the front doors of the Rockville Ice Rink and head back to Rink 3. We are in the corner to the left when you walk in. If your lesson is at Laurel, drive to the back of the parking lot and enter through the Logsdon entrance.  Immediately head to the right and you will see our front desk and the entrance to the Laurel Ice Den. We do have a locker room for you to use, just follow the signs.

7.) Will there be someone there to help my kid tie his/her skates?

Yes!  Our instructors are there to help with anything from tying skates to helping fit your player for gear.

8.) Can you accommodate special needs? 

Yes.  Please call our office before you schedule your player’s lesson.  We will help get you situated with the best instructor and any other accommodations needed.

9.) Why is the Ice Den so small?

USA Hockey, ADM model.  Here is the link to the USA Hockey’s website talking more about ADM.

10.) What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you need to change or cancel a lesson outside of the 24 hours please do so by logging into your account and cancelling yourself.  Please do not call/text/email the instructor. They do not have access to delete or cancel lessons.  If you wish to cancel within the 24 hour period, you need to contact us directly to do so.  You will be charged for a late cancel (canceling within the 24 hour period).  Of course emergencies are the exception.  If your child is sick or injured please call, text, or email us.

11.) How do I schedule a 1 on 1 lesson?

We do not guarantee 1 on 1 lessons for multiple reasons (unless you want to pay $250/hr); time management for our instructors and increase of player development being just two of them.  But you can usually keep an eye on the schedule to find times that are not as busy if you really need that lesson by yourself.

12.) Do you have an inclement weather policy?

If we need to close either of the Ice Den’s for inclement weather we will contact everyone on schedule directly to reschedule lessons.  Please keep an eye on social media and emails for weather updates.

13.) Why can’t I see my kid’s schedule?

If you cannot find your players lesson on your schedule that is probably because you signed your child up through your account and not theirs.  Because we are dealing with minors, all information is kept private including schedules, even from parents.  Each player needs to have his or her own account.  The parent does not need one unless they are also taking lessons. Check out our blog for more information on creating accounts and families with multiple players.

14.) How do I know how much a lesson costs?

Our lessons are priced by the coach’s level of experience.  All of the pricing information can be found on our website and in each instructor’s bio.

15.) Am I too old/young for lessons?

Absolutely not!  We train all ages of players.  We have kids as young as 6-7 yrs old and adults in their 70’s.  

16.) What is a good age to start lessons?

Great question.  That all depends on the player and what his/her goals are.  We work with all ages and all levels of players.

3 vs 3 / Skills Sessions

1.) The app will not let me sign up for 3 v 3. 

If you are on the Wolfe Hockey app and cannot see a camp/clinic/3v3 it is because that enrollment is full.  You can get on the waitlist if you login to your account through a web browser.

2.)  How do I get on the waitlist for 3v3?

Login to your players MB account through a web browser (computer, not a phone).  You will be able to add yourself to the waitlist from there.  Please understand that putting yourself on the waitlist you are committing to a spot if you are added.  If you can no longer make that time slot, you will need to cancel your registration in order to open it to another player.

3.) How do I know if I made it off the 3v3 waitlist?

If another player cancels, the first person on the waitlist will automatically be added to the roster.  The system will send you an email or text letting you know.  Please check your emails often.  If you are added to the roster and do not show up, you will still be charged.

  1. 1.) What kind of consulting do you offer? And what will my player get out of it?

We offer two kinds of consulting services, career and nutrition. Career consulting goes over many aspects of your players playing career. Jason will sit down with the whole family to discuss different paths, options, levels, what it takes to make it to those levels, create a clear plan, help you set goals, and much more. Nutritional consulting is focused more on sports nutrition, but can also help you with meal planning, weight gain, weight loss, and educate you on the importance of food and proper nutrition. The first session is one (1) hour long for both career and nutrition consulting. Pricing info can be found on our price page of the website.

  1. 2.) Is Consulting only for high level players?

No!!  Consulting is for every level player.  It is great to start when your player is young to help set a clear path of goals and to come up with a plan for the best way to reach those goals.

  1. 3.) Is consulting in person or virtual?

Whichever is easier for you! We offer both options.

  1. 4.) Do I have to be a Wolfe Hockey player to schedule consulting?

Yes.  We want to be able to give you the best advice we can.  In order to do that we have to know what kind of player you are.  

  1. 5.) After my consulting session, what kind of plan will I get?

Each plan is specific to each player and will depend on the players specific goals. Some examples would be recommending the number of lessons a player should be taking, help put a player in touch with a personal trainer, find tutors, create a meal plan, map out personal goals and how to achieve them, and many more.

Schedule your first consulting here.

Coaching Experience and Certifications

1.) What is Safe Sport and why is it important?

Safesport is a training program that all youth coaches and volunteers take before they are allowed to interact with players.  It trains the coach or volunteers to safeguard athletes from bullying, harassment, hazing, physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct.  For more information you can check out their websiteAll of our coaches are SafeSport certified.

2.) What is USA hockey certification and what it means

In order to coach youth hockey all coaches must be a USA hockey member and complete at least Level 1 coaching certification.  Coaches also go through a background check and complete the SafeSport training.  There are 5 levels of USA Hockey Coaching Certification.  USA Hockey also provides coaching modules for various age levels.  A parent can search the USA Hockey database to check if any coach is Certified with USA Hockey and which age modules they have completed.

Elite Showcase

What is a goalie showcase?

A goalie showcase is a weekend jam-packed with activities geared toward showcasing your goalie skills on the ice. Each day, there will be three (3) hours of on-ice instruction; one (1) hour of dry land training including but not limited to yoga, plyos, and conditioning; one (1) hour of classroom time to cover anything from mental preparedness, hockey IQ, tracking, Sense Arena, and concentration grids.  

How good do I need to be?

Depends on how old you are.  If you’re born anywhere between 2002 and 2008, it’s AA and higher-level players. The minimum level requirement for kids 14 and under, 2009-2011, is single A with one (1) year of travel experience.

Why should I join?

The showcase is an excellent opportunity to show off your game by playing with other high-level goalies and the best coaches, giving you tons of feedback.  The small group breakout sessions and the all-campers group skate are some of our goalies’ favorite parts of the weekend.  Oh, and the ice bath, of course! If you want to take your game to the next level and have a ton of fun with other players, you shouldn’t even be questioning it!

This also includes Jason Wolfe coaching, correct? 

Yes!  He is the head coach listed on our website.

How many goalies will be attending? 

We cap the showcase at 32 goalies.  We sell out 99% of the time. 

Can parents watch the sessions?  

Yes!  But the main building has a mezzanine level with couches and TVs.  The building also has free wifi.  For the ambitious can’t sit still parents, hiking trails are located behind the building, and a gym with day passes is available on the second floor. Fairland Aquatic Center is across the parking lot.  I suggest looking up their website for pool times and tennis court availability.   

Will a more specific detailed schedule be handed out to players at registration?  

Yes!  They are given their group assignment at registration, along with a full schedule for the weekend. 

Who are some of the coaches you have had in the past?

Our coaches range from AAA to NHL.  Each weekend brings in a new set of experienced and professional coaches.  Local coaches include Team Maryland (AAA/EHL), Black Bears (NAHL), Stevenson University (NCAA D3), UMBC (NCAA D3), & University of Maryland (ACHA).  Outside coaches come from far and wide: University of Maine (NCAA D1), Colgate (NCAA D1), Waterloo (USHL), Corpus Christi (NAHL), and Arizona Coyotes (NHL).  A more extensive list can be found on our website.

Where have you moved players onto?

After 10+ years in business, this list has gotten long and keeps growing each year!  At our latest count, we have had over 160 players move on to higher-level hockey.  Do the math; that is, on average, 16 players each year.  Our players have played at every level, from EHL to the Pros.  Keep on eye out for our digital Hall of Fame that should be coming to our website sometime this summer.

Youth Goalie Camp & Clinics

Should my goalie come ready for on-ice or dry-land activity?  

Goalies should always arrive at camp or clinic in their street clothes.  Upon arrival, locker room assignments, groups, and a more detailed schedule will be given out.

How do I register a shooter for camp?  

If the shooter has his/her own account, you can use this link to register and pay.  They cannot come out and shoot without an account.

Is lunch provided?

WHD does not provide lunch.  There is a cafe at the rink, but we do not always know if it will be open.  We suggest bringing healthy snacks and lunch options.

Will there be someone there to help my young goalie get dressed?  

Absolutely!  That is what we are there for.  There will be an instructor in the locker room with the goalies at all times to assist in dressing and undressing of goalie gear.  We ask that parents DO NOT come into the locker room unless asked to do so by a coach.

What does a typical day of camp look like?

Each day the goalies get 3 hours of ice time, one hour of dry land training, and classroom or chalk talk time.  We also include things like yoga and stretching, mental training, Q & A sessions, Sense Arena (VR training), and gear review.

My goalie is very young.  Will this be a good camp for them?

These camps are for goalies 18 years and younger, beginner to intermediate level.  We have had goalies out there as young as 8 years old.  The goalies are divided into groups of four (4) based on age and skill level.

Do you handle players with special needs?

Yes!  Please contact us directly to discuss the needs of your player.

How many goalies will be attending? 

We cap the summer camps at 16 goalies. 

Can parents watch the sessions?  

Yes!  But the main building has a mezzanine level with couches and TVs.  The building also has free wifi.  For the ambitious can’t sit still parents, hiking trails are located behind the building, and a gym with day passes is available on the second floor of the building.  Fairland Aquatic Center is across the parking lot.  I suggest looking up their website for pool times and tennis court availability.   

What skill level is this camp?

These camps are for goalies 18 years and younger, beginner to intermediate level.  The goalies are divided into groups of four (4) based on age and skill level.  So while there will be goalies of varying skill levels, each goalie is trained based on their own skill level, not the other campers.

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