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Preparing for success in hockey takes more than just showing up to practice. It requires dedication and perseverance. To elevate your performance on the ice, it’s essential to go above and beyond, and it all starts with your pre-game routine and preparation. Legends like Wayne Gretzky and Sidney Crosby offer valuable insights into the importance of a strong pre-game routine. Gretzky famously arrived at the arena hours before every game, stretching, mentally visualizing his moves and sharpening his skates. Crosby, known for his unwavering routine, follows the same steps every single game day, from his pre-game nap all the way to his warm-up drills. Both icons understand that preparation is the foundation for on-ice success, emphasizing that victories are often won before the puck even hits the ice. What’s the lesson here? Even if you’re not aiming to go pro, there are a lot of valuable takeaways from having a solid pre-game routine.

So, what should be included in a pre-game routine?

Your pre-game routine might include a snack or meal, warm-up and playlist that each help to get you into the right headspace for success. Once you’re in the right headspace, these rituals can greatly impact performance during hockey games. In fact, scientific research backs the power of intentional rituals, showing greater successes for those that have a clear pre-game plan and commit to it. 

If you’re new to a pre-game routine, you can start by setting clear goals for before and after the game, and writing them down to hold yourself accountable. This is how the best players stay sharp and maintain their routines, regardless of the level of competition. Experiment with ritualistic behaviors and deliberate focus before games, and reflect on your performance afterwards. This may look like you wearing the same article of clothing or small token to each game as well as setting a clear goal of having two assists every time you play. Understand what works for you, as it may vary from person to person. Regular practice, combined with post-game debriefs and reflections, helps identify areas for improvement and minimizes external factors beyond your control. By effectively managing your cognitive resources leading up to a game and breaking down events into manageable pieces, you can optimize your performance during critical moments. 

Success in hockey requires preparation, both on and off the ice. Taking the time to properly prepare through warm-ups, stretches and mental focus exercises not only improves skills, but also reduces the risk of injury. Beyond the rink, consistently fueling the body with healthy meals and getting enough rest is vital for peak performance. Channeling mental energy towards the game ahead is crucial for pre-game focus. By prioritizing preparation, players can unlock their full potential and set themselves up for success.

So, take on the challenge, explore post-game routines that suit you best and develop those crucial pre and post-game components of focus—setting yourself up for greater success!

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