Looking Forward

Happy New Year!  

Looking back at the previous year, one naturally takes inventory;  What happened that went well, what went not so well, what do I want to do again, what didn’t I get to do, what goals were achieved and which weren’t?  As small business owners, we do this both personally and professionally. 

Overall, 2021 was a pretty good year!  Our family is healthy and happy, and the rink did not get shut down because of Covid. Both wins!  Despite a worldwide pandemic, business is doing really well.  In fact, it grew more in 2021 than it did in any previous year!  Last year brought in 363 new clients, the most ever.  That is almost 200 more than in 2019 (because 2020 doesn’t count).

We want to keep that trend going.  Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising, so keep saying those good things about us and bringing your friends and teammates to the rink.

A small snapshot of new opportunities for the year ahead:

  • Weekly blogs
  • Quarterly Consulting Seminars
  • More Forward/Defense clinics
  • Better summer training opportunities

Our first consulting seminar will take place this month. Learn More

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