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Virtual Goalie Training

Because of the current pandemic effecting our area everyone’s lives have been slightly turned upside down. Everyone is trying to find things to do to stay physically and mentally active. We want to support our players in this extremely difficult time. Wolfe Hockey is again offering virtual goalie training. Join us one day a week […]

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Consulting Seminar

Youth hockey seems to be getting tougher for parents to navigate these days, especially if your child wants to continue to play at higher levels. Wolfe Hockey is offering two, one hour consulting seminars this summer. Come learn how to set goals, map out a plan, and learn what it really takes to make it […]

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How to Handle Multiple MB Accounts

Can multiple clients use the same email address as a login/username for Consumer Mode in my site? Before you start It is possible for clients to use the same email address, as long as a different password is used, but we advise against this practice. It is recommended each client use a unique email address […]

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A few tips for creating a Wolfe Hockey Account

With all that going on it takes up a lot of our office hours trying to make sure all of the billing is done correctly and everyone is on the schedule who needs to be, both instructors and students. Technology can be a little scary for some people and everyone is looking for what is […]

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New Consulting Hours Available

Jason Wolfe has two hours every Wednesday available for consulting, starting at 5pm.  Have questions on what the next step is?  Not sure what needs to be done to reach your ultimate goal?  Schedule an hour with Jason where the whole family can sit down and map out a plan. Consulting starts at $130/hour Sign […]

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Wolfe Hockey Apparel

Order your Wolfe Hockey apparel and have it shipped directly to your house.  We have everything from workout gear to warm ups and back packs.

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Check out the Wolfe Hockey YouTube Channel!

Subscribe for new Wolfe Hockey content from lesson video to highlight videos from long time Wolfe Hockey students!  CLICK HERE to check out a mini documentary about Jason Wolfe and Wolfe Hockey Development

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