Make your dreams come true

Most young hockey players have an endless supply of big dreams. It’s easy to imagine every  vivid glorious detail of an amazing hockey career.  Many of these  young hockey dreamers have the motivation and drive to spend countless hours working hard towards those dreams.

Unfortunately, the challenge comes when it’s time to  determine a clear plan of action to achieve those dreams. 

Simply just “working hard” isn’t enough. Young players and their families need to gain a clear understanding of how the hockey world works and how to efficiently move towards their goals.

A few simple steps:

Learn from the past.

Look at players who have achieved the goals you dream of.

How did they get there?

What steps did they take on their path?

How did they train and prepare?

What were they willing to sacrifice?

Devise a great plan, then be ready to constantly evaluate and adjust the  plan to get the tangible results you want.

Working hard moves you quickly in a direction but a quality plan is what helps you move quickly in the direction of your dreams.

“There are dreamers and there are planners.  The planners make their dreams come true.”  Edwin Louis Cole

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