The Qualities of a Leader and Role Model in the Hockey Rink

The Qualities of a Leader and Role Model in the Hockey Rink 

Being a successful hockey player involves more than just knowing how to skate and shoot—it’s also about developing skills that can help inspire others on the ice. As a role model and leader, you have an important responsibility to use your position in the game of hockey for good by setting a positive example with your words and decisions. From becoming an active voice in discussions around safety protocols to encouraging team spirit among your fellow players—there are many subtle yet powerful ways you can put your talents to work towards greater hockey player development. Let’s explore exactly what it means to be a responsible role model both on and off the ice! 

1. Know your values and live by them. The first step towards being a positive leader and decision-maker is to know what you stand for. What are your core values? What do you believe in? Take some time to reflect on these questions and then make a list of your top five values that you revolve your game around. Once you have them, make a commitment to live by them every single day, on and off the ice. When you’re faced with a difficult decision, ask yourself: “Does this align with my core values?” 

2. Lead by example. As a hockey player, you have the power to lead by example. Whether you’re on the ice or off, people are looking up to you, so make sure you’re setting a good example. Show up to hockey practice, lessons and games on time. Work hard everyday. Always treat your teammates, coaches and opponents with utmost respect. Be a good sport, win or lose. And always play with heart and passion! 

3. Make good decisions. In the hockey world, there are many decisions to be made. Should you take that penalty shot? Should you speak up when you see something wrong or unfair? The answers to these questions aren’t always easy, but as a leader, it’s your responsibility to make the best decisions that you possibly can. Take a moment to think before you act. Consider the consequences of your actions. And always ask yourself: “Is this the right thing to do?” The primary takeaway here is that there are always younger or more inexperienced players that will look up to you. By setting a positive example and thinking before you act, you’reproviding a solid foundation for future generations to play the sport of hockey with fairness, passion and fun!

Be a role model, be a leader and make good decisions today and everyday. 

Wolfe Hockey is a family-owned hockey school operating since 2009 in the DMV area. Led by Jason Wolfe, ex-professional hockey player, and his wife Heather Wolfe, Wolfe Hockey is unique in that it cultivates a culture of respect, accountability, and a good time. To learn more, contact us here or e-mail us directly at hockey@wolfehockey.com.

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